wood duck

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Hi my name is Brian Jones, (AKA sharpshooter2011)

After retirement I decided to try my hand at photography. While I love to shoot anything that sets in good light I am drawn to birds...especially to birds in flight. I am a native San Diegan and have devoted a lot of my available time to taking images that appeal to me. Photography offers me a chance to explore my creative juices and learn from others that have walked this path before me. I appreciate your interest in my work and if you especially like something in my website please let me know via my email address at:

What's in my camera bag: Canon all the way!

Bodies: 1DX Mk 11, 7D Mk 11, 6D

Lenses: 500mm F4.0 USM IS 11, 100 X 400 f5.6 USM IS 11, 24 x 70MM F2.8 USM IS 11

1.4x 111 Teleconverter 2.0x 111 Teleconverter

Tri-pods and mono pods, and other mics. necessary equipment.

All images are copyrighted and are the sole and expressed property of:

Brian Jones AKA: sharpshooter2011. Any use without my written permission is in violation of copyright laws.

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